About Us

It is said that “hard work” and “passion” can make anything happen.


At Choco nut we craft extraordinarily delicious mouthwatering dark, milk and white couverture chocolate coated specialty. Exotic dried fruit and nut covered in smooth and creamy chocolate. It’s an extraordinary taste experience you can have anytime.

We achieve this inspirational goal by focusing on our customer’s satisfaction. We promise that at Choco nut our chocolates are filled with our love and inspiration we want to share with our customers. Hence, each and every product at Choco nut is heart made for our valuable customers.


It is said that “hard work” and “passion” can make anything happen. Choco nut is the combination of hard work and passion about giving sweet treat to our delighted customers. At our company, our mission is to create a pleasurable eating experience for our customers by offering high quality chocolates. Of course we consider our unrelenting commitment to excellence as our key to success.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our success is driven forward by our commitment to superior service, allowing us to grow while continuing to provide high quality service that our customers are accustomed to.

Our chocolates have a blend of sweet and bitter, delicate and intense, crunchy and smooth all in perfect harmony.